Miguel Alcalde Group


14. Mutants of unspecific peroxygenase with high monooxygenase activity and uses thereof

Authors: Gomez de Santos, P., Molina-Espeja, P., Plou, F.J., and Alcalde, M.


13. Modified unspecific peroxygenase and uses thereof

Authors: Rodríguez-Buey, M., Garcia-Ruiz, M., Martin-Diaz, J., Santos-Moriano, P.C., Molina-Espeja, M., Garcia-Ruiz, E., Plou, F.J., and Alcalde, M.

Ref: EP17382151.3.

12. Enzymatic composition and enzymatic process for the production of 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid from 5-methoxymethylfurfural using said enzymatic composition

Authors: Carro, J.R., Fernandez-Fueyo, E., Alcalde, M., and Martinez, A.T., Ferreira, P., Ullrich, R., and Hofrichter, M.

Ref: P201730805

11. Regioselective synthesis of 5´-hydroxypropranolol by aromatic peroxygenase designed by directed evolution

Authors: Gomez de Santos, P., Molina-Espeja, P., Plou, F.J. and Alcalde, M.

Ref: P300212672

10. Unspecific peroxygenase mutants with high monooxygenase activity and their applications

Authors: Molina-Espeja, P., Plou, F.J. and Alcalde, M.

Ref: PCT/ES2016/070809

9. Use of laccases for electrolytic water splitting

Authors: Pita, M., Lopez de Lacey, A., Alcalde, M., Mate, D.M., Gonzalez-Perez, D. and Shleev, S.

Ref: PCT/ES2015/070285

8. Unspecific peroxygenase with high monooxygenase activity

Authors: Alcalde, M., Molina-Espeja, P., Garcia-Ruiz, E., Gonzalez-Perez, D., Ullrich and R., Hofrichter, M.

Ref: P201430595

7. High redox potential laccase active in blood by directed evolution

Authors: Alcalde M., Maté, D., González-Perez, D., Pita, M., de Lacey, A., Ludwig, R., and Kittl, R.

Ref: PCT/ES2014/070113

6. Laccase with high redox potential

Authors: Mate, D., Valdivieso U., Fernández, L. and Alcalde, M.

Ref: WO/2011/144784

5. High redox potential peroxidases designed by directed evolution

Authors: García-Ruiz, E., Martínez, M.J., Dueñas, J., Martínez, A.T. and Alcalde, M.

Ref: WO/2010/130862

4. Immobilized biocatalyst based on alginate for the biotransformation of carbohydrates

Authors: Fernández, L., Plou, F.J., Alcalde, M Lobato, M., Gutierrez, P. and Ballesteros, A.

Ref: WO/2010/103150

3. Laccases having high redox potential obtained through directed evolution

Authors: Camarero, S., Cañas, A., Martínez, M.J., Martínez, A., Ballesteros, A., Plou, F.J., Record, E., Asther, M. and Alcalde, M.

Ref: WO/2010/058057

2. Novel enzyme for the production of prebiotic oligosaccharides

Authors: Fernández-Lobato, M., Marín, A., Jiménez, A., Plou, F.J. Gómez de Segura, A. and Alcalde, M.

Ref: WO/2006/064078

1. Preparación de biocatalizadores inmovilizados de dextransacarasa sobre soportes epoxi-activados de distinta porosidad

Authors: Gómez de Segura, A., Alcalde, M., Plou, F.J., Yates, M., and Ballesteros, A.

Ref: ES200302264

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