Miguel Alcalde Group


Prof. Miguel Alcalde

Principal investigator

I am the boss who still believes that the dark side of the force is not stronger…only quicker, easier, more seductive…

Dr. Patricia Molina

Laboratory manager

I have been working in peroxygenase evolution for years while also being in charge of the lab managing. On the lab outsides, I love being with my family and friends, listening to music, reading any books and, unfortunately not often, ice skating.

Dr. Lucía García Ledo

Project Manager


I am a curious person with a scientific background but also with an special love for paperwork. I am the project manager. I love spending time in the nature, baking cakes, wine and laughts and skating (better not all together!).

Dr. Eva Garcia

Senior Postdoc (PI programa CAM atracción de talento)


I recently joined the lab as post-doc researcher. I am currently working on enzyme engineering for high-value chemicals production in microbes. During my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, painting, hanging out with friends and travelling.

Dr. Ivan Mateljak


I moved to Spain from Croatia, where I got my degree in Molecular Biology, for my PhD studies on directed evolution of laccases related to redox potential and stability. I love outdoor adventures, wine and cheese and people say I am always in a chill mood.

Dr. Javier Viña


I am a biochemist from Asturias. My research is focused on engineering and expressing fungal and bacterial oxidases. I love catastrophes and horror (movies) and I usually practice survival cooking.

Dr. Bernardo Gómez


I am a biotechnologist and my research line at the lab is about CO2 fixating enzymes (Rubiscos) from bacteria and fungal laccases. In my free time I like reading books, comics, playing board games, tasting good wine, skiing (when the weather gives the chance) and, as anyone else, traveling.

Patricia Gómez

Senior PhD student

I studied Biology at the Complutense University of Madrid. My research is focused on protein engineering of peroxygenases and design of fusion proteins for in situ H2O2 generation. I love traveling and playing board games.

Plinio Slamazo Vieira

Visiting Postdoc

I am a crystallographer from Brazil, working with structure and function of glycosyl hydrolases at the synchrotron facility. Here, I will use directed evolution to improve protein’s activity and stability under high temperatures for understanding its mechanisms. I enjoy traveling, making friends and playing videogames.

Merve Keser

Visiting PhD student

I have been told that I am a world citizen; I am Turkish-born, raised in the US, and spent another chunk of my life in The Netherlands where I received my BSc and MSc in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology. I have moved to Spain for my Ph.D.studies involving directed evolution of galactose oxidase for further advancement of green chemistry and pharmaceutical industry. I’m a fairly good baker, a coffee snob, and have a love for gin (the good kind).

Miguel Alcalde Laboratory
Institute of Catalysis, ICP-CSIC,
Cantoblanco, 28049, Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 915854806
Fax: +34 915854760

Miguel de Abreu, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher Associate
131 Princess St. MIB
University of Manchester,
M17DN, Manchester, UK
Website: http://www.flitschlab.chemistry.manchester.ac.uk/index.htm
Email:miguel.deabreufelipe AT manchester.ac.uk; mglcaribe AT gmail.com

Susana Camarero, PhD

Científico Titular CSIC
Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, CIB, CSIC.
C/ Ramiro de Maeztu 98, 28040, Madrid, Spain.
Website: http://www.cib.csic.es/es/grupo.php?idgrupo=3
Email: susanacam AT cib.csic.es

Humberto García-Arellano, PhD

Profesor Titular
Departamento de Ciencias Ambientales
División de Ciencias Biológicas y de la Salud
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Unidad Lerma
Website: http://www.uam-lerma.mx/
Email: h.garcia AT correo.ler.uam.mx

Carlos García-Burgos, PhD

Scientific Administrator -Chemicals
Quality of Medicines
European Medicines Agency
7 Westferry Circus
Canary Wharf
London, E14 4HB,United Kingdom
Email: Carlos.Garcia AT ema.europa.eu

Eva García-Ruiz, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL 61801, USA
Email: egarciar AT illinois.edu

Iraj Ghazi, PhD

Research Scientist, University of Columbus Ohio; USA
Email: iraj_ghazi AT yahoo.com

Adinnaraya Kunamneni, PhD

Postdoctoral research associate
University of Kentucky, 740 South Limestone,
Lexington 40536,
Kentucky State, USA
Email: adikunamneni AT rediffmail.com

Diana Mate, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow
Grupo de biotecnología y genética de bacterias extremófilas extremas
Departamento de virología y microbiología
Centro de Biología Molecular "Severo Ochoa"
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Email: diana.mate AT cbm.csic.es

Mohammad Moshtaghioun, PhD

PhD in Molecular Genetics
Assistant Professor of Biology
Biology Department
Yazd University
Email: smm_1349 AT yahoo.com

Alina Ioana Roman 

Lonza: A Global Leader in Life Science.
Slough, UK. 
aalina.roman AT gmail.com 

Pamela Torres-Salas, PhD

Senior Scientist
Centro de Tecnología Química
Repsol S.A.
Ctra. de Extremadura A-5, Km.18
28931 Móstoles, Madrid, Spain

Malena Valdivieso, PhD

Business Development
P.T.S. Granada
Avda. de la innovación, 1 Edificio BIC
18016, Granada, Spain
Website: (http://www.neuronbio.com/)
Email: mvaldivieso AT neuronbio.com 

Ana Isabel Vicente, PhD 

Sales Support Specialist
Gilson International BV, Spain
Avda. de castilla, 1 Edificio Best point Of. 06B
28830, Madrid, Spain
Website: (http://www.gilson.com/)
Email: ivicentemartin AT gilson.com

Miren Zumárraga, PhD

Investigadora Responsable Enología
Parque Industrial de Júndiz.
C/Júndiz 26 01015 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Website: (http://www.guserbiot.com)
Email: mren@guserbiot.com