Miguel Alcalde Group


Prof. Miguel Alcalde

Principal investigator


I am the boss who still believes that the dark side of the force is not stronger…only quicker, easier, more seductive…

Andrea Menés Rubio

Project Manager


I’m a biologist with a MSc in biotech. I’m in between lab-bench and paperwork. Out of the lab, I’m a huge fan of Marvel and Star Wars, also a make-up junkie, but what I like the most is spending time with my dog in the nature, (trying to) play drums and go to every concert I can.

Dr. Eva García Ruiz

Senior Postdoc (PI programa CAM atracción de talento)


I recently joined the lab as post-doc researcher. I am currently working on enzyme engineering for high-value chemicals production in microbes. During my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, painting, hanging out with friends and travelling.

Dr. Israel Sánchez Moreno

Senior Postdoc


I have been working in the field of the biocatalysis for years, always in the limit between chemistry and biology (bringing balance). My research is focused on protein engineering of peroxidases. Outside of lab, I love listening to reaggeton music, watching the Tele5 TV shows, and lying miserably about my hobbies in my internet profiles.

Dr. David González Pérez

Senior Postdoc (PI - CAM Atracción de Talento)


I am a biochemist with a protein engineer heart, fascinated by directed evolution and robotic platforms. High throughput is my fuel and proteins my lifestyle. I am currently working on investigating peroxygenase catalysis and plastic-degrading enzymes. In my free time I love to drive somewhere, traveling, and spending good time with family and friends. 

Dr. Patricia Gutiérrez Alonso

Senior Postdoc


I am a biologist with many years of experience in the field of biocatalysis in academia and industry. I like to spend my free time with my family and friends, travelling, eating, dancing, going to the beach and laughing as much as I can.

Dr. David Upp

Junior Postdoc (Juan de la Cierva Formación)


I am an American chemist trained in protein engineering. While my previous research was in the field of artificial metalloenzymes, I’m now working on giving natural metalloenzymes new life. My project is on the evolution of peroxidases for the synthesis of complex organic compounds. Outside of the lab I like to play volleyball, rock climb, or playing bass guitar… although that didn’t fit in the suitcase on the way over to Spain.

Alejandro Beltrán Nogal

PhD Student (FPU)


I studied Biochemistry and Industrial Biotechnology at the University Complutense of Madrid. My research interests come into characterizing and engineering short peroxygenases. I am obsessed with figure skating, cats, and I like dancing too.

Dianelis Toledo Monterrey

PhD Student (FPI)


I am a Cuban, Spain-based biologist who fell in love with Madrid 20 years ago. My research interest focuses on the discovery and engineering of new peroxygenases employed in biosynthesis. I am a bookworm, love my cats and, I have a passion for cooking

Mikel Dolz Ruiz

PhD Student


I am a biotechnologist from Zaragoza who is taking his first steps in Directed evolution of enzymes. I settle for the little things in life like a good chat, a good beer or getting my PCRs right. Fun fact about evolution: It is said that Darwin’s tortoise outlasted him more than 100 years. Will our enzymes do the same?

Merve Keser

PhD student


I have been told that I am a world citizen; I am Turkish-born, raised in the US, and spent another chunk of my life in The Netherlands where I received my BSc and MSc in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology. I have moved to Spain for my Ph.D.studies involving directed evolution of galactose oxidase for further advancement of green chemistry and pharmaceutical industry. I’m a fairly good baker, a coffee snob, and have a love for gin (the good kind).

Jesús Laborda Mansilla

PhD Student


After studying Pharmacy and a master in Biotech I joined the lab as an enthusiastic PhD student. My project is focused on PET biodegradation and its conversion to high-value chemicals. I love doing homemade things like cheese or jam… but my flagship product is homebrewed beer.

Dr. David Palacios

Short stay - Professor at Universidad de Burgos


I am a biologist from Burgos who is fascinated by protein engineering. I have been working with lipases studying their ability to catalyze different reactions in non-conventional media and their application in oil modification. I am currently carrying out a short stay at the Directed Enzyme Evolution group. In my free time I like hiking with my family and listening to heavy music. I also enjoy playing football and padel.

Julia Murciano

TFM student


I’m a biologist finishing my Biotechnology MSc’s thesis with the team of the lab, just beginning my journey learning about directed evolution. Whenever I have free time I am skating on my roller skates (or getting off the ground with them on). I also love reading and watching (reality) TV shows.


Alejandra Alfuzzi (Scientist Analist Sopra Steria, Madrid, Spain)

Leire Barandarian Larrea (MSAT Scientist at Viralgen (VCT) Pais Vasco, Spain)

Susana Camarero Fernández (Científico Titular CIB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

Katarina Elbl-Müllhofer (GxP-Engineer, Testo industrial services GmbH, Germany)

Layla Fernandez (Group leader Protein Engineering at Evoxx Technologies, Colonia, Germany)

Carlos Garcia Burgos (Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Acino Pharma, AG, Zurich, Switzerland)

Iraj Ghazi (Scientist at Homology Medicines, Boston, USA)

Patricia Gomez de Santos (Scientist at EvoEnzyme, S.L., Madrid, Spain)

Bernardo Gomez Fernandez (CTO at EvoEnzyme, S.L., Madrid, Spain)

Manh Dat Hoang (Reseach Assistant, Technical University of Munich, Germany)

Elvin Igarta (Analytical Researcher and Development Scientist, HP, Puerto Rico)

Mehdi Imani (Professor at the Urmia University, Iran);

Gordana Kovacevic (Enzyme Discovery Scientist, Chr Hansen, Denmark)

Christoph Küng (PhD student University of Basel, Switzerland)

Natila Kwiatos (Postdoctoral Researcher at the International Centre for Research on Innovative Biobased materials (ICRI-BioM), Lodz University of Technology, Poland).

Sofia Lazaro (Biotecnologist at Exopol, Zaragoza, Spain)

Macarena Lopez Morales (Project Manager at Clinical Supply Operations, Bristol Myers Squibb, UK)

Juan Mangas (Senior Research Fellow ARAID, Zaragoza, Spain)

Diana Mate Mate (Project Manager, UAM, Madrid, Spain)

Ivan Mateljak (Scientist at EvoEnzyme, S.L., Madrid, Spain)

Daniel Méndez Sánchez (Process development scientist, PharmaMar, Madrid, Spain)

Seyed Mohammad (Professor Yarzd University, Iran)

Patricia Molina Espeja (Project Manager, ICP-CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

Carmen Paret Fernandez (Senior Clinical Research Associate at GSK, Madrid)

Mar Lopez Pelegrin (Lab Manager Institute of Science and Technology, Vienna, Austria)

Pascal Püllmann (Postdoc at the Centre for Synthetic Biology and Department of Bioengineering Imperial College London, UK)

Joaquín Ramírez Ramírez (Assistant Professor at the Monterrey Tecnology Center, Cuernavaca, México).

Valeria Risso (Associated Professor, Universidad de Granada, Spain)

Alina Roman (Lead Technologist at Lonza, London, UK)

Plínio Salmazo Vieira (Associated Researcher, Centro Nacional de Pesca, Energía y Materiales, CNPEM, Brasil).

Pamela Torres Salas (Senior Scientist Repsol, Madrid, Spain)

Morgane Valles (Research Scientist, Multus, UK)

Javier Viña Gonzalez (Science Manager at EvoEnzyme, S.L., Madrid, Spain)

Jia Wei Yang (Professor at Zunyi Medical College, China)

Miren Zumárraga Uribesalgo (Lead Scientist at Guserbiot, Pais Vasco, Spain)

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