Miguel Alcalde Group


Prof. Miguel Alcalde

Principal investigator

I am the boss who still believes that the dark side of the force is not stronger…only quicker, easier, more seductive…

Dr. Patricia Molina

Laboratory manager

I have been working in peroxygenase evolution for years while also being in charge of the lab managing. On the lab outsides, I love being with my family and friends, listening to music, reading any books and, unfortunately not often, ice skating.

Dr. Lucía García Ledo

Project Manager


I am a curious person with a scientific background but also with an special love for paperwork. I am the project manager. I love spending time in the nature, baking cakes, wine and laughts and skating (better not all together!).

Dr. Eva Garcia

Senior Postdoc (PI programa CAM atracción de talento)


I recently joined the lab as post-doc researcher. I am currently working on enzyme engineering for high-value chemicals production in microbes. During my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, painting, hanging out with friends and travelling.

Dr. Ivan Mateljak


I moved to Spain from Croatia, where I got my degree in Molecular Biology, for my PhD studies on directed evolution of laccases related to redox potential and stability. I love outdoor adventures, wine and cheese and people say I am always in a chill mood.

Dr. Javier Viña


I am a biochemist from Asturias. My research is focused on engineering and expressing fungal and bacterial oxidases. I love catastrophes and horror (movies) and I usually practice survival cooking.

Dr. Bernardo Gómez


I am a biotechnologist and my research line at the lab is about CO2 fixating enzymes (Rubiscos) from bacteria and fungal laccases. In my free time I like reading books, comics, playing board games, tasting good wine, skiing (when the weather gives the chance) and, as anyone else, traveling.

Patricia Gómez

Senior PhD student

I studied Biology at the Complutense University of Madrid. My research is focused on protein engineering of peroxygenases and design of fusion proteins for in situ H2O2 generation. I love traveling and playing board games.

Merve Keser

PhD student

I have been told that I am a world citizen; I am Turkish-born, raised in the US, and spent another chunk of my life in The Netherlands where I received my BSc and MSc in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology. I have moved to Spain for my Ph.D.studies involving directed evolution of galactose oxidase for further advancement of green chemistry and pharmaceutical industry. I’m a fairly good baker, a coffee snob, and have a love for gin (the good kind).

Dr. Israel Sánchez Moreno


I have been working in the field of the biocatalysis for years, always in the limit between chemistry and biology (bringing balance). My research is focused on protein engineering of peroxidases. Outside of lab, I love listening to reaggeton music, watching the Tele5 TV shows, and lying miserably about my hobbies in my internet profiles.

Jesús Laborda

PhD Student

After studying Pharmacy and a master in Biotech I joined the lab as an enthusiastic PhD student. My project is focused on PET biodegradation and its conversion to high-value chemicals. I love doing homemade things like cheese or jam… but my flagship product is homebrewed beer.

Alejandro Beltrán Nogal

PhD Student

I studied Biochemistry and Industrial Biotechnology at the University Complutense of Madrid. My research interests come into characterizing and engineering short peroxygenases. I am obsessed with figure skating, cats, and I like dancing too.

Daniel Méndez Sánchez


I’m an organic chemist from Asturias who moved to biocatalysis over the years. My ongoing research is focused on protein engineering of peroxygenases. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, watching tv shows and playing videogames.

Miguel Alcalde Laboratory
Institute of Catalysis, ICP-CSIC,
Cantoblanco, 28049, Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 915854806
Fax: +34 915854760

Miguel de Abreu

Manager Business Development, 3P Biopharmaceuticals, Belfast, UK.

Susana Camarero

CSIC Staff Scientist, CIB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain.

Katarina Elbl-Müllhofer

Engineer at Testo Industrial Services, GmbH, Germany.

Layla Fernandez

Group Leader Protein Engineering in Evoxx technologies, GmbH, Germany.

Carlos Garcia-Burgos

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager at Acino Pharma AG, Switzerland.

Iraj Ghazi

Scientist at Homology Medicines, Inc, Boston, USA.

David Gonzalez-Perez

Postdoc Scientist at Moffit Cancer Center & Research Institute, Florida, USA.

Mehdi Imani

Associate Professor at Urmia University, Iran.

Adinnaraya Kunamneni

PhD researcher at University of Kentucky, Kentucky State, USA.

Diego Jimenez-Lalana

Predoctoral fellow at CNB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain.

Macarena Lopez

Scientist Process Development CMC, Seville, Spain.

Diana Mate

Talent Attraction Researcher at University Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.

Javier Martin-Diaz

Titulado Superior de actividades técnicas y profesionales CSIC, Spain.

Seyed Mohammad Mosthtaghioun

Academic Staff at Yazd University, Iran.

Miguel Arcangel Palomino-Lopez

Biologist at Andujar town hall, Spain.

Alina Roman

Senior Technologist at Lonza, London, UK.

Pamela Torres-Salas

Senior Technologist at Repsol, Madrid, Spain.

Ana Isabel Vicente-Martin

Account manager at Gilson, Madrid, Spain.

Miren Zumarraga

Senior Scientist at Guserbiot, Vitoria, Spain.