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Our lab has the facilities required to carry out the high-throughput techniques for the massive screening of mutated genes. These include one colony picker multistation (QPiX), one robotic 96-liquid handling platform for 24 -microplate-stations (EVO100), two robotized 96-liquid handlers, one robotic pipetting station, two 96-384 monochromator/spectrofluoremeter  microplate readers, one monochromator-nanodrop microplate reader and humidity shakers. The laboratory is fully equipped with the necessary infrastructure for biochemical, protein and DNA characterization, including gradient thermocyclers, ÄKTA systems for protein purification, HPLCs (with diode-array, light-scattering, refraction index detector and evaporative light-scattering detectors), 5L-fermenter, tangential ultrafiltration systems for culture broth/protein concentration, refrigerated centrifuges, laboratory hoods and temperature controlled rooms.

Miguel Alcalde Laboratory
Institute of Catalysis, ICP-CSIC,
Cantoblanco, 28049, Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 915854806
Fax: +34 915854760

Miguel de Abreu

Manager Business Development, 3P Biopharmaceuticals, Belfast, UK.

Susana Camarero

CSIC Staff Scientist, CIB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain.

Katarina Elbl-Müllhofer

Engineer at Testo Industrial Services, GmbH, Germany.

Layla Fernandez

Group Leader Protein Engineering in Evoxx technologies, GmbH, Germany.

Carlos Garcia-Burgos

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager at Acino Pharma AG, Switzerland.

Iraj Ghazi

Scientist at Homology Medicines, Inc, Boston, USA.

David Gonzalez-Perez

Postdoc Scientist at Moffit Cancer Center & Research Institute, Florida, USA.

Mehdi Imani

Associate Professor at Urmia University, Iran.

Adinnaraya Kunamneni

PhD researcher at University of Kentucky, Kentucky State, USA.

Diego Jimenez-Lalana

Predoctoral fellow at CNB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain.

Macarena Lopez

Scientist Process Development CMC, Seville, Spain.

Diana Mate

Talent Attraction Researcher at University Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.

Javier Martin-Diaz

Titulado Superior de actividades técnicas y profesionales CSIC, Spain.

Seyed Mohammad Mosthtaghioun

Academic Staff at Yazd University, Iran.

Miguel Arcangel Palomino-Lopez

Biologist at Andujar town hall, Spain.

Alina Roman

Senior Technologist at Lonza, London, UK.

Pamela Torres-Salas

Senior Technologist at Repsol, Madrid, Spain.

Ana Isabel Vicente-Martin

Account manager at Gilson, Madrid, Spain.

Miren Zumarraga

Senior Scientist at Guserbiot, Vitoria, Spain.