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Miguel Alcalde

Miguel Alcalde is CSIC Research Professor and founder of EvoEnzyme S.L. (https://evoenzyme.com), a spin-off stemming from his research group. Dr. Alcalde is a biologist by training, with postdoctoral stay at CALTECH in the group of Frances Arnold (Nobel laurate in Chemistry 2018). Coauthor of over 100 articles on enzyme engineering and applied biocatalysis and 14 filled patents, Prof. Alcalde has supervised 35 research projects and 12 PhD Thesis. He was working as a manager of National Research Agency of Spain in the area of biotechnology, (2019-2021) and was in charge of coordinating the section of molecular biotechnology and synthetic biology of SEBBM (Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2017-2020).


Campus Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid, Spain.

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Our laboratory dedicates its research efforts primarily to enzyme engineering through directed molecular evolution and hybrid/semi-rational and computational design, spanning a broad spectrum of biotechnological applications. Our focus encompasses the development of innovative screening tools, genetic and computational methods for constructing and exploring enzyme libraries. Additionally, we delve into synthetic biology investigations, particularly in the realms of environmental, energy, and industrial applications. 

Positions are open for highly motivated postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and undergraduates with backgrounds in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, chemical engineering and computational sciences.

Miguel Alcalde Laboratory
Institute of Catalysis, ICP-CSIC,
Cantoblanco, 28049, Madrid, Spain
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